A 365 Day Project

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Day 353/365: Boarded Up

This old shed wall caught my eye as I drove down a country goat track on Sunday. I love the mixture of materials – use whatever is on hand at the time to fix things up. Leads to loads of character…

Boarded Up: Nikon D7000; f5; 1/500; ISO 100


Boarded - Up Close: Nikon D7000; f5.6; 1/500; ISO 100


Day 315/365: Wooden Waves

We still have quite a few fallen trees lying around our property after over 4 years living here. Luckily though, as now we have our fireplace! This is a close-up of one of them. Ahhhh, the beauty of timber!

Wooden Waves: Nikon D7000; f4.8; 1/160; ISO 400

Day 307/365: Obscured Door

I drove to work this morning as usual, and parked in my usual spot. When I looked up I saw this door for the very first time. There are trees obscuring it, but really, I should have seen this door before now, I park here nearly every day! The first thing that came to mind was “What a great door to shoot!”, and because I have been dragging my camera around everywhere I was able to do just that. I am really pleased with the results too. It helps that it has lots of wooden grain, flaky paint and rust – a perfect textural object!

Obscured Door: Nikon D7000; f4.5; 1/125; ISO 1250

Rusty Hinge: Nikon D7000; f4.5; 1/80; ISO 1250

Flaky Detail: Nikon D7000; f4.5; 1/80; ISO 1250

Day 285/365: Table Texture

I couldn’t help but post one more image from the table at Catho Bay Hotel. Just humour me!

Table Texture: Nikon D7000; f18; 1/8; ISO 400

Day 284/365: Honky Tonk

After sight seeing at Catherine Hill Bay, it was definitely time for lunch and a drink at the Catho Bay Hotel. Lucky for us it was Tuesday and the day for specials! It was a fantastic lunch – I highly recommend the Salt & Pepper squid! But even better were the tables on the front verandah. They were so full of texture and character, how could I resist pulling out the D7000?!!

Honky Tonk: Nikon D7000; f7.1; 1/40; ISO 400