A 365 Day Project

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Day 336/365: Clouds Roll In

A quick & fun iPhone shot tonight. I am loving my iPhone 4 & I’m really starting to explore all the new aspects of Instagram. So not technically stunning, just a bit of fun tonight as the clouds roll in over Vacy.

Clouds Roll In: iPhone 4; processed in Instagram


Day 311/365: Stormy Night

After a hot day, a storm was rolling into Vacy tonight. I was trying to capture the lightning strikes but was unsuccessful. There is an art to lightning photos. But I did capture this last little bit of colour in the sky before the dark gloomy clouds engulfed it!

Stormy Night: Nikon D7000; f22; 1.6s; ISO 100

Day 277/365: Storm Sailing

The sailing club next door to the caravan park were having a race day on Saturday when the storm rolled in. They loved the fact that the wind was up, their only complaint was that it was a fraction too late. The sail boats were great to watch, and I loved the bright coloured sail on this boat.


Storm Sailing: Nikon D7000; f5.6; 1/200; ISO 100

Day 275/365: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

All the kids waited very patiently for the Dads to take them fishing yesterday. They all had a ball, until the storm rolled in. We all ran for shelter when it hit!! This is a portrait of my girlfriend’s daughter, Maddie.


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Nikon D7000; f3.8; 1/320; ISO 100

Day 274/365: Stormy Weather

There is a storm brewing, but luckily it has blown around us. The sailing club was loving the wind.


Stormy Weather: Nikon D7000; f8; 1/80; ISO 100

Day 210/365: Stormyvale

This is a quick one for a Friday. I took this on my iPhone on my way to work one stormy afternoon last week in Maitland Vale. The clouds were pretty angry, and the sun was trying hard to get out!


Day 39/365 : Stormy Patonga

We were camping with family at Patonga Beach last year, and one afternoon this huge storm came rolling in across the ocean. I didn’t notice it until I walked through the trees and out onto the beach. We still had beautiful sunlight, but the clouds were rolling in at a great pace. It looked awesome and I ran for my camera. Ethan was playing up on top of the hill which I think really adds to this image.

Stormy Patonga : Nikon D70; f11; 1/100; ISO 200