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Day 104/365: An Idle Foot

Another close up image of the Heritage Express, Engine 3642! I just liked the colours here, and also the idle foot resting on the right. If you look closely, you can see another Gravy Train in the reflection on the lower left hand side!


Heritage Express 3642: Nikon D7000; f14; 1/15; ISO 100


Day 102/365: Chugging Along

John thought of a great spot to catch some photos of the steam train heading out to Paterson. It was on a little dirt road which really only leads up to some homes, and there is a great little wooden bridge. The best thing was, because it’s out in the country, there were no fences to obscure our view! There was only one other photographer there, and one family from up the little road had brought their kids down to see the train. The sound of the train approaching still amazes me at my age!

Chugging Along: Nikon D7000; f11; 1/25; ISO 100

Day 101/365: It’s a Steamy!

Having two boys, we have had the pleasure of building up a great Thomas the Tank collection over the past few years. Engines, tenders, tracks, DVDs and lots of books! It is this love of Thomas that has lead to my boys calling Steam engines “Steamies” – there is often bickering between the Steamies and the Diesels in the Thomas stories. Anyway, I captured this image and it simply defines the Steamy!


It's a Steamy: Nikon D7000; f8; 1/800; ISO 100

Day 100/365: In the Details

Well, it’s a milestone! 100 days so far – I haven’t missed one yet!

Another post coming to you from Steamfest 2011. I took this close up shot of the wheels of the Heritage Express. These engines really are awesome, and the details really let you see that. Wheels, metal, and a little steam…


In the Details: Nikon D7000; f6.3; 1/20; ISO 100

Day 99/365: Heritage Express

We went trainspotting this morning as it’s Steamfest here in Maitland this weekend. We had a great spot that not many people know about on the way out to Paterson to get some great shots, but this one I actually captured at Maitland Station. This is the Heritage Express.


Heritage Express: Nikon D7000; f6.3; 1/60; ISO 100