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Day 316/365: A Brick Canvas

I ventured down to the big smoke today, well, Adamstown anyway, and went to the Newcastle Lapidary Club Open day. I dragged my Mum along and we both had a ball. I have finally found somewhere to learn my next craft – wire wrapping. Anyway, just outside their club I spied this street art on the building next door. I couldn’t help but take a quick shot with my new Panasonic Lumix point & shoot which I always have with me! I am not unimpressed with the result!

A Brick Canvas: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH5; f9; 1/125; ISO 100


Day 260/365: Inlet

One last image from my shoot down at the Newcastle Ocean Baths. Once again, a very textural shot. With the bath being empty, I was really intrigued by this grated inlet. I loved the reflection and all the texture & colour in the concrete. You can even see oyster shells behind the grate, very cool.

Inlet: Nikon D7000; f11; 1/20; ISO 100

Day 259/365: Street Art

Once again, I was drawn to some street art. I just like the intensity of the colour, especially when it appears in an otherwise dingy alley.

Street Art: Nikon D7000; f10; 1/30; ISO 100

Day 258/365: The Civic Theatre

Not many words tonight, just a picture.

Civic Theatre: Nikon D7000; f10; 1/100; ISO 100

Day 257/365: Corrugated Corrosion

This corrugated iron on the little bell tower was so decrepit and textural that I had to shoot it close up. I guess it’s a bit abstract, but it’s something different!

Corrugated Corrosion: Nikon D7000; f10; 1/80; ISO 100

Day 256/365: Bell Tower

Beside the cathedral, there is this little old bell tower. I’m not sure if it still used, but the contrast between the small and the majestic is what caught my eye.

Bell Tower: Nikon D7000; f10; 1/200; ISO 100

Day 255/365: Christ Church Cathedral

Continuing up the hill from the ocean baths, I stopped to wander around Christ Church Cathedral. I have wanted to shoot this church for ages, it is such a majestic building. I love that it kind of looks over the city, and you can see it from afar.

Christ Church Cathedral: Nikon D7000; f4; 1/1250; ISO 100

Day 254/365: Novocastrian View

Up in the high parts of Newcastle, this is a typical view looking back towards the harbour.

Novocastrian View: Nikon D7000; 4.8; 1/1000; ISO 100

Day 253/365: A Wider View

This is the initial part of the alley which made me pull over and get out of my car to take a photo! It gives a bit more perspective to where the timber doors are from yesterday’s post.

A Wider View: Nikon D7000; f4; 1/200; ISO 100

Day 252/365: Portal to Yesteryear

I  was driving in the small streets of East Newcastle when I noticed some really great graffiti in an alleyway (not that I condone it, but I do appreciate decent street art!). But it was what I found above it that really caught my eye. I don’t know what they were thinking putting doors in at this level, but I guess when opened inward, some great light would be let in! I love the textures in this image. This must be architecture of another time, you wouldn’t see this type of thing today I’m sure!!

Portal to Yesteryear: Nikon D7000; 4; 1/160; ISO 100