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Day 183/365: Beach Art

A bit of a fun post for today, rather than anything remotely skillful or creative! I had a great night out in Newcastle last night. John & I had the kids minded and stayed in town. This morning was such a lovely, lazy morning. I purposely didn’t take the camera so I could just be in the moment rather than trying to capture the moment! I think this is important sometimes. But I did have to snap a few pics on my iPhone. An artist is painting a mural inside the Newcastle Beach tunnel. He was actually there doing it when we walked through. This is just a snap of a small part of the mural.


Beach Art: iPhone 3; Hipstamatic


Day 25/365 : A Distant View – Newcastle Ocean Baths

As I was watching the boys on their scooters in the skate park, I enjoyed the view up and down Newcastle Beach. I have been told many times by a few different photographers never to walk away from a spot without looking behind you. This was the view behind me at the skate park! I can’t really complain can I? I will have to make the Ocean Baths a destination in their own right one day, but on this day out with my boys, this distant view was it. Hope you enjoy it!


Ocean Bath : Nikon D70; f16; 1/200; ISO 200

Day 24/365 : Portrait of my Youngest

I took this photo in the bricks & arches at Newcastle Beach after the boys had finished scooting around the skate park. In contrast to Kyle, Ethan was not entirely happy about the intrusion. He wanted his photo taken, but only as he attempted to mar my efforts in photographing his brother! Eventually I coerced him into sitting still for about 30 seconds!

I have spent quite a bit of time on this pic in post processing. His face was quite shadowed and the light from the ocean side was actually a bit distracting and was drawing the eye away from my boy.  I have taken some advice I received on my last portrait and tried to use lighting to get more focus on Ethan’s face. This is a big step up for me in the processing area, so would love your feedback.

Cheers, Kim.

Ethan : Nikon D70; f5.3; 1/400; ISO 200

Day 23/365 : More Bricks & Arches

I had to put one more image of the building at Newcastle Beach up – from outside the building this time. If anyone can inform me what the building actually was originally, I would love to know! Once again, I think the black and white really lets the contrast pop between the timber & bricks, and enhances the texture in the bricks themselves. Thanks for looking, I hope you will come back again!


More Bricks & Arches : Nikon D70; f4.5; 1/160; ISO 200

Day 22/365 : Bricks & Arches

Well, as promised, here is an image of the arched building at Newcastle Beach. I really like this image in black & white, I think it gives more emphasis on the architecture and simplicity of the building, and the contrast between the bricks themselves and the bricks and timber. I know I will have to do a lot more shooting of this kind to do it real justice, but as a first attempt, I’m fairly happy with it. What do you think?


Bricks & Arches : Nikon D70; f16; 1/13; ISO 200; handheld; Post processing Photomatix & Photoshop.

Day 21/365 : Portrait of my Son

I can safely say that you will be subjected to many photos of my boys throughout this project. They aren’t always willing participants, especially Kyle, but this day was one out of the ordinary – Kyle was ready to be posed and shot! He usually has a very cheesy, toothy grin that looks as though it is glued on, but I think he did better this time. This old arched building at Newcastle Beach drew me right in. I hope I will have some good shots of just the structure to follow, but I enjoyed taking some portraits of the boys in there. I like the dark, mysterious tone of the surroundings in this one, yet there is still an obvious way out! Just click on the image for a larger view, and let me know what you think 🙂


Kyle, Newcastle Beach : Nikon D70; f4.8; 1/250; ISO 200

Day 20/365 : Kyle in the Halfpipe

A quick one today, with more fun in the halfpipe. This is my oldest boy, Kyle. Would love to hear what you think of the colours!

Kyle in the Halfpipe; Nikon D70; f8.0; 1/400; ISO 200