A 365 Day Project

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Day 360/365: A Perfect Pair

We’re at Mum & Dad’s place for Christmas and it’s a bird haven here. I shot this perfect pair this morning while having my first cup of tea. Although I’m not an avid bird watcher or anything, they are a great subject to shoot, especially these guys which are very friendly!

Hello Little Guy: Nikon D7000; f9; 1/250; ISO 1000


Portrait of a Girl: Nikon D7000; f5.6; 1/250; ISO 1000


Day 358/365: She’ll Be Apples

For the first time our apple tree is fruiting. Hopefully they will still be there until they ripen and the birds don’t get them!

She'll Be Apples: Nikon D7000; f5.6; 1/30; ISO 100

357/365: Weed Seeds

No, not that kind of weed! It’s just a grass weed, something which we have thousands of around here.

Weed Seeds: Nikon D7000; f5.6; 1/200; ISO 1000

Day 348/365: A Little Gem From Our Little Gem

There’s just something about the soft whiteness of a magnolia bud. It oozes purity to me, although the perfect creamy whiteness doesn’t usually last more than a day once the bud opens up. This bud is from the Magnolia little gem in our front garden.

Little Gem: Nikon D7000; f6.3; 1/640; ISO 800

Day 335/365: Agapanthus Blues

I love the tones in this blue agapanthus flower, simple but striking.

Agapanthus Blues: Nikon D7000; f13; 1/30; ISO 1000

Day 310/365: Gallant Galah

Three galahs were munching away in the young eucalyptus sapling out the back this morning. Here is one of the gallant little guys!

Gallant Galah: Nikon D7000; f5.6; 1/160; ISO 100

Day 250/365: Blue Wren

I was lucky enough to go out for lunch with some friends today, and this little wren was flitting about just off the balcony we were on. I’m not much of a bird watcher, but how could you not want to capture this bright little creature?

Blue Wren: Nikon D70; f7.1; 1/250; ISO 200

Day 226/365: Bearded Dragon

This little fella wasn’t to happy with John for starting a fire right near his resting spot. He stood his ground and showed us how cranky he was!

Bearded Dragon: Nikon D7000; f14; 1/125; ISO 400

Day 132/365: Scallops of Colour

This fungus was at the base of a tree and was huge. The fine detail of the structure is awesome, just another of nature’s wonders.

Scallops of Colour: Nikon D7000; f22; 1/3; ISO 100

Structural detail: Nikon D7000; f22; 1/4; ISO 100

Day 93/365: It’s All Roses

A quick one today from our front garden. I was out just after some rain, and yes they smelled wonderful!


All Roses: Nikon D7000; f4.5; 1/100; ISO 100