A 365 Day Project

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Day 287/365: Quack Quack

It was late one afternoon down at Lake Macquarie, and Kyle & I were down near the jetty where there were 3 ducks floating about looking for food. This white & black one was, I thought, quite striking. The afternoon light was perfect.

Quack Quack: Nikon D7000; f9; 1/125; ISO 320


Day 278/365: For the Ford Fans

I was walking back to camp from the lake when I noticed an old Ford parked nearby. Needless to say, here is a shot…


For the Ford Fans: Nikon D7000; f5; 1/100; ISO 400

Day 277/365: Storm Sailing

The sailing club next door to the caravan park were having a race day on Saturday when the storm rolled in. They loved the fact that the wind was up, their only complaint was that it was a fraction too late. The sail boats were great to watch, and I loved the bright coloured sail on this boat.


Storm Sailing: Nikon D7000; f5.6; 1/200; ISO 100

Day 276/365: Patience

This is a portrait of my girlfriend’s oldest daughter, Taylor. She was also patiently waiting for a bite on her line as the storm rolled in.


Patience: Nikon D7000; f5; 1/200; ISO 100

Day 275/365: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

All the kids waited very patiently for the Dads to take them fishing yesterday. They all had a ball, until the storm rolled in. We all ran for shelter when it hit!! This is a portrait of my girlfriend’s daughter, Maddie.


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Nikon D7000; f3.8; 1/320; ISO 100

Day 274/365: Stormy Weather

There is a storm brewing, but luckily it has blown around us. The sailing club was loving the wind.


Stormy Weather: Nikon D7000; f8; 1/80; ISO 100

Day 273/365: Polly Gets Hot

Ethan was very upset when Polly was blown into Lake Macquarie today. We assured him he loved it and he was just a bit hot – he is a Polar Bear after all 🙂


Polly Gets Hot: iPhone 3, processed in Instagram

Day 272/365: Compare the Pair

In my very small window of opportunity for shooting today, I saw this upturned boat which drew me in with it’s colour. Not until afterwards did I notice the nice newer boat in the background – love the contrast!


Compare the Pair: Nikon D7000; f6.3; 1/100; ISO 100


Day 262/365: Cam’s Wharf

This is an early morning photo of the jetty at Rafferty’s Resort in Cam’s Wharf. I got up nice & early, but with the sun rising behind us didn’t get the normal superbness of the golden hour. I still like the misty morning hue that hangs in the image, and the texture along the side of the jetty.

Cam's Wharf: Nikon D7000; f10; 5s; ISO 100

Day 261/365: Sultry Sunset

I had the pleasure of enjoying a sunset over Lake Macquarie last night in Cam’s Wharf. I thought it very worthy of sharing, even if it was taken with my trusty iPhone. Sometimes it is just not appropriate to be lugging around an SLR and unfortunately last night was one of those times. I really want to find myself a worthy point & shoot!

Sultry Sunset: iPhone 3; processed in Instagram