A 365 Day Project

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Day 209/365: Sparkling

One more image from my rainy day in the garden. The droplets were too spectacular to only do one pic!

Sparkling: Nikon D7000; f29; 1/60; On board flash fired; ISO 100


Day 93/365: It’s All Roses

A quick one today from our front garden. I was out just after some rain, and yes they smelled wonderful!


All Roses: Nikon D7000; f4.5; 1/100; ISO 100

Day 76/365: Wind Chimes

The one thing loved more than anything else in the kid’s garden are the wind chimes. All these chimes can be dingled and dangled by the kids as they are all hung nice and low for them to reach. They were catching the light beautifully on this afternoon.


Froggy Chime: Nikon D70; f2.8; 1/800; ISO 250


Sun Chime: Nikon D70; f2.8; 1/1600; ISO 250

Day 75/365: Petals & Reflections

The kids always end up playing with water somehow, and in the kid’s garden the birdbath is the culprit! All these purple petals had fallen into it, and the sunlight was giving some great colours and reflections in the water.


Curious Kyle: Nikon D70; f3.2; 1/2500; ISO 250


Reflections: Nikon D70; f3.2; 1/500; ISO 250


Colours: Nikon D70; f3.2; 1/400; ISO 250

Day 74/365: The Worm

A quick one today, this little guy is hiding in a plant pot in the Kid’s Garden at mum’s.


The Worm: Nikon D70; f3.2; 1/800; ISO 250

Day 73/365: Cheeky Looks

Another character from the kid’s garden today, well two actually. I love this little gnome in the garden. He’s been there a while, his colours are wearing off, but his cheeky look is gorgeous! The rooster is there because Mum kept trying to thieve my metal chooks from my own garden – so he appeared one Christmas time!


Gnome: Nikon D70; f1.8; 1/800; ISO 250



Cheeky Gnome: Nikon D70; f1.8; 1/640; ISO 250

Day 72/365: In the Kid’s Garden

My mum has a nice little garden out the front of her home, and it’s the kid’s garden. It has all sorts of gnomes, animal statues, windchimes and cool kids stuff in it. She loves that all her grandkids play around in there, exploring and touching, and yes, even occasionally breaking things (enter my Ethan!) – but it doesn’t matter. For in mum’s kid’s garden, they are allowed to touch everything! The next few days will be shots from this delightful little world she has created.


Mrs Snail: Nikon D70; f1.8; 1/6400; ISO 250