A 365 Day Project

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Day 340/365: Silver Maille

This is a close up view of the box clasp on the sterling silver chain maille bracelet I made. It is butterfly weave, simple but effective.

Silver Maille: iPhone 4; processed in Instagram


Day 338/365: Maitland Sunrise

Just about the only good thing about working dogwatch is watching some of the spectacular sunrises over the long bridge in Maitland. We are lucky enough to work in the Penthouse so get a great view across the flats. What I love the most is the line of silhouetted trees along the bridge. Unfortunately I only had my iPhone with me, so it’s another quick & fun one. But it’s all about the view!

Maitland Sunrise: iPhone 4; processed in Instagram

Day 336/365: Clouds Roll In

A quick & fun iPhone shot tonight. I am loving my iPhone 4 & I’m really starting to explore all the new aspects of Instagram. So not technically stunning, just a bit of fun tonight as the clouds roll in over Vacy.

Clouds Roll In: iPhone 4; processed in Instagram

Day 261/365: Sultry Sunset

I had the pleasure of enjoying a sunset over Lake Macquarie last night in Cam’s Wharf. I thought it very worthy of sharing, even if it was taken with my trusty iPhone. Sometimes it is just not appropriate to be lugging around an SLR and unfortunately last night was one of those times. I really want to find myself a worthy point & shoot!

Sultry Sunset: iPhone 3; processed in Instagram

Day 210/365: Stormyvale

This is a quick one for a Friday. I took this on my iPhone on my way to work one stormy afternoon last week in Maitland Vale. The clouds were pretty angry, and the sun was trying hard to get out!


Day 199/365: Sweet Sailing

Another of my favourite Instagram shots from Lake Macquarie. Sweet sailing…


Sweet Sailing: iPhone 3; processed in Instagram

Day 198/365: Sailboat

Another Instagram, this time of a sailboat. Waiting patiently on the shore of the lake for someone to take it out on the water…


Sailboat: iPhone 3; processed in Instagram

Day 194/365: Discovering Instagram

Last weekend we went camping down at Lake Macquarie. It was freezing, but absolutely beautiful! I thoroughly enjoyed it there, the boys had fun and John got to work wiring up the lights in the camper. I had lots of time for shooting, I even braved the cold and got up to watch the sun rise and do my first ever sunrise shoot! But I also discovered Instagram and the fun it can be. So there will be a series of images from Lake Macquarie over the next week or so, starting with my favourite Instagram pic from the weekend.

Fishing Boats: iPhone 3; processed in Instagram

Day 183/365: Beach Art

A bit of a fun post for today, rather than anything remotely skillful or creative! I had a great night out in Newcastle last night. John & I had the kids minded and stayed in town. This morning was such a lovely, lazy morning. I purposely didn’t take the camera so I could just be in the moment rather than trying to capture the moment! I think this is important sometimes. But I did have to snap a few pics on my iPhone. An artist is painting a mural inside the Newcastle Beach tunnel. He was actually there doing it when we walked through. This is just a snap of a small part of the mural.


Beach Art: iPhone 3; Hipstamatic

Day 112/365: Friday Fun One

OK, I have ventured away from my digital SLR today, because the other day I had a morning of fun with Hipstamatic on my iPhone. It’s a crazy little app which takes photos in retro styles. There is a lot of fun and experimenting to be had with this, so you might have to put up with some Hipstamatic images from time to time.

This time it is another pic of my niece, as well as one that I just had to include of myself with my Godson Jarrod, which I obviously didn’t take! He had hurt his foot and was not a happy chap. We later found out that the foot was broken, so no wonder his bottom lip was out!

Hipstamatic Meily: iPhone; Hipstamatic

Jarrod & I: iPhone; Hipstamatic