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Day 125/365: Swirls & Curls

I took this shot at the markets in Harrington over Easter. This stall had some very cool things, but it wasn’t easy to take photos as everything was crammed together on tables and it was very busy. This is an HDR image using three handheld exposures. I’m pretty happy with the outcome considering I couldn’t even support my camera on a fence or anything. Any guesses as to what it might be?

Swirls & Curls: Nikon D7000; f5; 3 exposures, handheld; ISO 500


Day 95/365: Pound Crossing Bridge

I went for a drive on Sunday afternoon to spend some time doing some shooting. John stayed home with the boys and sent me out, which was so lovely! It was a gorgeous afternoon, and I really enjoyed taking my time to stop and look at things in the local area. I was driving the road between Singleton & Gresford, and there is really not many safe places to pull over to take photos, so when I saw a sign to a viewing area for the Pound Crossing Bridge, I pulled in. From above, the bridge seemed very ordinary. I was not expecting to find what I did underneath – a relatively new, spectacular timber structure! The bridge is believed to be the first hardwood cellular stressed laminated timber bridge in the world. I love the contrast between the stunning timber and the grungy graffiti.


Pound Crossing Bridge: Nikon D7000; f3.5; 3 exposures, handheld; ISO 100

Day 94/365: Crusty Old Shed

I have been out shooting things related to farms in preparation for a competition, and this old shed was one that caught my eye. There are so many old, run down sheds around on farms, and they are are a haven for photographers! The afternoon sun caught all the different textures and rusty goodness in this one.


Crusty Old Shed: Nikon D7000; f4.8; 3 exposures; handheld; ISO 100

Day 67/365: An Old Relic

I captured this old shed at the back of the Pilot’s Station on Newcastle Harbour because I loved the look of it – rustic, rough around the edges. I also love all the different textures in the image. Tin, wood, metal mesh, the stone wall and of course the barnacles. So when I came to post it, I wanted to know what the building was. A little Googling later, I found it described as “one enduring relic, the navy cadet drill hall TS Tobruk”. I have to agree “An Old Relic” is the perfect description of this shed, and I love the “TS Tobruk” sign above the door.



An Old Relic: Nikon D70; f18; 1/250; ISO 250

Day 52/365: Screened

My last photo for now of the Union Shed. I was kind of able to peek inside the shed through this window down the side. The old wire mesh screening the window will certainly block your view, but makes for a great image with a few visible silhouettes behind it, all framed nicely by some old timberwork.


Screened: Nikon D70; f4.8; 3 exposures; handheld; ISO 250

Day 51/365: Old Rusty Engine

So, around the side of the Union Shed I found this – an old rusty diesel engine. Rusty stuff like this is so well suited to HDR. I am still learning the techniques, but they enable you to bring out all the texture and colour detail, so the photo looks more like what the eye can see. Some people don’t like HDR, especially when things are way overdone and become more like a painted artwork, but I think when it’s done well it’s amazing and can produce some fantastic images. Just click for a larger view and let me know what you think!


Old Rusty Engine: Nikon D70; f4.5; 3 exposures; handheld; ISO 250

Day 50/365: A Sign of History

So much about this window in the Former Union shed made me want to shoot it. The timber, the cobwebs, the broken glass, but mostly the leftover part of the sign in the window. I know it wasn’t a sign for Smirnoff (even though that was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw it!), but I keep wondering what it was advertising. And with the old cloth preventing any glimpse of what’s inside, I will continue to ponder…


A Sign of History: Nikon D70; f8; 3 exposures; handheld; ISO 250

Day 49/365: Can I come in?

In a bit closer to the Union Shed, which I have kindly been told was once also a box factory where wooden orange boxes were made, we have the door handle and lock. It didn’t appear locked, so for a minute I thought maybe I could push it open…. but it is boarded up on the inside. I couldn’t resist shooting the state of obvious disrepair, rust & cobwebs.


Can I come in? Nikon D70; f8; 3 exposures; handheld; ISO 250

Day 48/365: Paterson Former Union Shed

Established in 1911, this is the Former Union Shed in Paterson. In amongst quaint little homes it sits desolate & deserted. You can’t go inside, but it’s full of stuff. I’m sure there would be some treasures to photograph in there, especially if what’s outside is any indication (watch this space!). The verandah timbers are leaning, the roof is rusting, and gutters are not coping. I will follow this with some close ups of some of the details of the shed, and the treasure I found down the side!


Former Union Shed: Nikon D70; f8; 3 exposures; handheld; ISO 250


Day 42/365 : Off the Rails

I was drawn to this pile of old rails, wheels and other stuff in the railyard, once again stuck behind a locked gate. It was rusty and overgrown, perfect for some HDR brackets. It really sets the scene for the yard, lots of old bits and pieces just rusting away, or maybe waiting to be restored.

Off the Rails : Nikon D70; f1.8; ISO 250; 3 exposures; handheld