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Day 316/365: A Brick Canvas

I ventured down to the big smoke today, well, Adamstown anyway, and went to the Newcastle Lapidary Club Open day. I dragged my Mum along and we both had a ball. I have finally found somewhere to learn my next craft – wire wrapping. Anyway, just outside their club I spied this street art on the building next door. I couldn’t help but take a quick shot with my new Panasonic Lumix point & shoot which I always have with me! I am not unimpressed with the result!

A Brick Canvas: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH5; f9; 1/125; ISO 100


Day 285/365: Table Texture

I couldn’t help but post one more image from the table at Catho Bay Hotel. Just humour me!

Table Texture: Nikon D7000; f18; 1/8; ISO 400

Day 284/365: Honky Tonk

After sight seeing at Catherine Hill Bay, it was definitely time for lunch and a drink at the Catho Bay Hotel. Lucky for us it was Tuesday and the day for specials! It was a fantastic lunch – I highly recommend the Salt & Pepper squid! But even better were the tables on the front verandah. They were so full of texture and character, how could I resist pulling out the D7000?!!

Honky Tonk: Nikon D7000; f7.1; 1/40; ISO 400

Day 283/365: Deathcamp

This is a tight shot on one of the gates at Catherine Hill Bay jetty. I think the words are just a tad contradictory to the view beyond, but I still found it intriguing and possibly a bit creepy!

Deathcamp: Nikon D7000; f4; 1/1000; ISO 400

Day 259/365: Street Art

Once again, I was drawn to some street art. I just like the intensity of the colour, especially when it appears in an otherwise dingy alley.

Street Art: Nikon D7000; f10; 1/30; ISO 100

Day 253/365: A Wider View

This is the initial part of the alley which made me pull over and get out of my car to take a photo! It gives a bit more perspective to where the timber doors are from yesterday’s post.

A Wider View: Nikon D7000; f4; 1/200; ISO 100

Day 214/365: Fishing Boat Haven

The peacefulness on the water was infectious as I walked the beach this past weekend. I felt so calm & relaxed. This fishing boat was framed beautifully by the posts of the jetty. I love how the graffiti on the right post stands out too.

Fishing Boat: Nikon D7000; f8; 1/160; ISO 160

Day 146/365: Boredom

I am a big believer in giving kids something to do. If there is something for them to do, then they are much less likely to choose the wrong thing to do. This is evident everywhere, and as much as we try, it is certainly harder for small country villages to have a variety of things for young people to do. And the result is boredom and maybe a not so desirable result…

Boredom: Nikon D7000; f9; 1/160; ISO 100

Day 95/365: Pound Crossing Bridge

I went for a drive on Sunday afternoon to spend some time doing some shooting. John stayed home with the boys and sent me out, which was so lovely! It was a gorgeous afternoon, and I really enjoyed taking my time to stop and look at things in the local area. I was driving the road between Singleton & Gresford, and there is really not many safe places to pull over to take photos, so when I saw a sign to a viewing area for the Pound Crossing Bridge, I pulled in. From above, the bridge seemed very ordinary. I was not expecting to find what I did underneath – a relatively new, spectacular timber structure! The bridge is believed to be the first hardwood cellular stressed laminated timber bridge in the world. I love the contrast between the stunning timber and the grungy graffiti.


Pound Crossing Bridge: Nikon D7000; f3.5; 3 exposures, handheld; ISO 100

Day 20/365 : Kyle in the Halfpipe

A quick one today, with more fun in the halfpipe. This is my oldest boy, Kyle. Would love to hear what you think of the colours!

Kyle in the Halfpipe; Nikon D70; f8.0; 1/400; ISO 200