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Day 365/365: Fungi Finale!

I can’t believe this is the last post of my 365 day project!! What a year! Thank you to everyone who has looked, liked and commented, it really makes doing these images each day worthwhile. I have learned a lot and I feel I have improved – especially in “seeing” things.

My last post of the project is from our trip today to the Barrington National Park where we walked the Blue Gum Loop Track with John’s Uncle & Aunty from the UK. Fungi is the thing that I like to shoot here, so that is my first image. My second is an image of a bridge handrail with Phil & Dorothy crossing it in the background. I couldn’t walk past the mossy blanket growing on it!

I hope you enjoy my last two images. Next year I am venturing into the world of iPhoneography – a whole new challenge!

Fungi Finale: Nikon D7000; f25; 30s; ISO 100


Mossy Blanket: Nikon D7000; f4; 1/125; ISO 400


Day 132/365: Scallops of Colour

This fungus was at the base of a tree and was huge. The fine detail of the structure is awesome, just another of nature’s wonders.

Scallops of Colour: Nikon D7000; f22; 1/3; ISO 100

Structural detail: Nikon D7000; f22; 1/4; ISO 100

Day 131/365: Fungi Fever

My friend Jodi called me up the other day to say “the fungus is back!”. So I got organised and got over there to shoot them…. alright, and to have a cuppa and a chat! These little yellow ones were very cool and were popping up all over the place. As I was grovelling on the ground getting low enough to shoot them, I was accompanied by George, Jodi’s horse. He followed us everywhere, he was such a sweetie. There will be another fungus tomorrow.

Fungi Fever: Nikon D7000; f22; 1/6; ISO 100

Day 107/365: It’s Fungi Weather!

Now that we don’t have a pony to munch on the mushrooms popping up in our paddocks, I get to go and shoot them! The weather this week has been perfect for sprouting mushrooms. It is like the Smurfs have taken up residence in our paddock! Here are just a couple of smurf houses…

Smurf Duplex: Nikon D7000; f25; 1/80; ISO 100

Standard Smurf House: Nikon D7000; f25; 1/40; ISO 100

Day 15/365 : Barrington Fungi #3

This lone little fungus was so so tiny, maybe about 15mm across. Such a delicate little structure in nature…

Fungus, Barrington Tops : Nikon D70; f25; 1.6s; ISO 320

Day 14/365 : Barrington Fungi #2

Here is my second post for fungi at Barrington Tops. Surprisingly the flies didn’t move for at least 2 minutes, so it added a nice bit of interest to the frame. It was even later in the day than the last shot, so I had to bump up the ISO a bit. Once again, would have been nice to shoot some brackets, if only I’d known much about HDR at the time. I was really happy with this shot though. Feel free to comment đŸ™‚


Fungi ; Nikon D70; f25; 8s; ISO 320

Day 13/365 : Barrington Fungi

I went on a trip up to Barrington Tops last year with some members of the Maitland Photography Club. We were in search of some fungi to shoot. There wasn’t a lot to be found, but this little stash in a fallen tree trunk was calling out to be photographed. It was getting into late afternoon and light through the tree canopy was diminishing, so it was a very long exposure. I did the best I could without having a macro lens, and I was pretty happy with the result. Although now I wish I had taken some brackets, as it would have been nice to create an HDR version. Just an excuse to get back up there I guess! I will post another of this series tomorrow. đŸ™‚


Fungi : Nikon D70; f25; 15s; ISO 200

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