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Day 269/365: Ajuga Flowers

Another image from my garden. Spring is such a gorgeous time of year!

Ajuga Flowers: Nikon D7000; f5; 1/60; ISO 640


Day 185/365: Native Flowers

Another image from yesterdays walk around the Newcastle Farmers Market. I love all the colours and texture in a bunch of native flowers. You just can’t beat a frame full of flower heads! On another note, I am in the process of making the switch to Aperture for my file management & processing. This has been interesting so far, there is so much to learn about the program. At the moment it means more time on the computer, but eventually should mean a lot less!


Native Flowers: Nikon D7000; f2.8; 1/100; ISO 100

Day 126/365: Quaint Little Shed

This little shed in Harrington caught my eye, with peeling paint, and the Closed sign which suggests it was once some kind of shop. It doesn’t look like it is much of anything anymore…

Quaint Shed

Day 63/365: Frangipanis

This is another attempt at flowers. These frangipanis caught my eye while we were up on Nobby’s headland at the Newcastle Morning Photo exhibition. I didn’t notice the bug at the time, he was a bonus! I was playing around with processing and actually didn’t mind this black & white version, but thought the colour is what the flower is all about. In the end I couldn’t decide so have posted both. Let me know what you think!

Frangipanis: Nikon D70; f8; 1/800; ISO 250

Black & White Frangipanis: Nikon D70; f8; 1/800; ISO 250

Day 8/365

After the rain finally stopped falling yesterday, I took the opportunity to take a look around in the garden and shoot some images. The Eucalypt blossoms are just starting to burst, the bottlebrushes are in flower, and the raindrops were still hanging onto the leaves.


Eucalypt Blossom: Nikon D70; f5.9; 1/60; ISO 800


Bottlebrush: Nikon D70; f5.0; 1/250; ISO 800

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