A 365 Day Project

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Day 201/365: Kyle on the Jetty

This photo was actually taken around dusk. The colour in the sky was amazingly subtle. I also experimented with using fill flash again and I’m liking the results! I like the fact that I got a natural smile out of Kyle – he is at the stage of giving a terrible cheesy grin directly at the camera!


Kyle on the Jetty: Nikon D7000; f3.8; 1/60; ISO 100; on board flash fired.


Day 156/365: Dusk in Vacy

I have to thank John for pointing out this view which is just up the road. I love the dam in the foreground, but what I really can’t wait for is a sunset with some awesome burnt oranges and reds in it to reflect in it! So watch this space, I will get one but it may be a while…

Dusk in Vacy: Nikon D7000; f7.1; 1/200; ISO 200

Day 155/365: Dusk at Maitland Vale

I am on a mission to capture some more sunrises and sunsets and the dawn & dusk images that come with that. The light changes so quickly in that first & last hour of the day that it’s crazy! Just two minutes prior to shooting this, the sun rays were three times as dramatic! So I will be staking out some good spots in the future to go and watch the sun rise and set. This was taken on the Maitland Vale side of the Melville Ford bridge.


Dusk at Maitland Vale: Nikon D7000; f10; 1/400; ISO 200

Day 119/365: Totem Mayhem

Along the foreshore in Harrington, there are lots of these totem poles which have been carved and painted into people. It seems each pole is sponsored by someone, either an individual or even a family. They are very interesting, but I found them difficult to photograph well. There wasn’t much you could do with the composition if you wanted all the details down the pole. Anyway, I still shot heaps of frames of them and this is one I did particularly like. I will put one or two more up tomorrow.

Totem Mayhem: Nikon D7000; f9; 1/320; ISO 500

Day 117/365: Dusk Over Harrington

I spent an hour or so down by the break wall in Harrington, clicking away as the sun went down. It was a gorgeous afternoon, and I thoroughly enjoyed my “me time” with my Nikon! What made me shoot this scene in particular? Other than the beautiful light of the sun going down, it was the little boy and the net he was holding that caught my eye. You could tell he was having a ball with whom I assume was his Dad – especially when they both ran and jumped onto something they were obviously trying to catch!

Dusk Over Harrington: Nikon D7000; f18; 1/1250; ISO 500

Day 32/365 : Clarence River, Yamba

I took this photo quite a while ago while we were camping in Yamba. The caravan park is set on the banks of the Clarence River. It rained quite a bit while we were there, but the sun came out as well, and there were some wonderful skies. This was taken at dusk, just after another rain shower. Most of the fishing boats had returned for the day, and people were taking the opportunity to get out & about again.


Clarence River, Yamba : Nikon D70; f4.5; 1/1250; ISO 400