A 365 Day Project

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Day 278/365: For the Ford Fans

I was walking back to camp from the lake when I noticed an old Ford parked nearby. Needless to say, here is a shot…


For the Ford Fans: Nikon D7000; f5; 1/100; ISO 400


Day 277/365: Storm Sailing

The sailing club next door to the caravan park were having a race day on Saturday when the storm rolled in. They loved the fact that the wind was up, their only complaint was that it was a fraction too late. The sail boats were great to watch, and I loved the bright coloured sail on this boat.


Storm Sailing: Nikon D7000; f5.6; 1/200; ISO 100

Day 276/365: Patience

This is a portrait of my girlfriend’s oldest daughter, Taylor. She was also patiently waiting for a bite on her line as the storm rolled in.


Patience: Nikon D7000; f5; 1/200; ISO 100

Day 275/365: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

All the kids waited very patiently for the Dads to take them fishing yesterday. They all had a ball, until the storm rolled in. We all ran for shelter when it hit!! This is a portrait of my girlfriend’s daughter, Maddie.


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Nikon D7000; f3.8; 1/320; ISO 100

Day 274/365: Stormy Weather

There is a storm brewing, but luckily it has blown around us. The sailing club was loving the wind.


Stormy Weather: Nikon D7000; f8; 1/80; ISO 100

Day 195/365: Night Pier

Camping in July has its downfalls, the main one being it’s freezing!! But, since I was out in the elements, I took the opportunity to do my first night shoot with the D7000. Once I worked out what I was doing and how to light up the screen to see what settings I was using (yes, the simple things aren’t quite so simple in the dark!) I really enjoyed it. This is the jetty at Lake Macquarie Big 4. I am pretty happy with my first efforts. I’ll warn you now that the jetty features in a lot of my shots.


Jetty, Mannering Park: Nikon D7000; f8; 8s; ISO 100

Day 194/365: Discovering Instagram

Last weekend we went camping down at Lake Macquarie. It was freezing, but absolutely beautiful! I thoroughly enjoyed it there, the boys had fun and John got to work wiring up the lights in the camper. I had lots of time for shooting, I even braved the cold and got up to watch the sun rise and do my first ever sunrise shoot! But I also discovered Instagram and the fun it can be. So there will be a series of images from Lake Macquarie over the next week or so, starting with my favourite Instagram pic from the weekend.

Fishing Boats: iPhone 3; processed in Instagram

Day 32/365 : Clarence River, Yamba

I took this photo quite a while ago while we were camping in Yamba. The caravan park is set on the banks of the Clarence River. It rained quite a bit while we were there, but the sun came out as well, and there were some wonderful skies. This was taken at dusk, just after another rain shower. Most of the fishing boats had returned for the day, and people were taking the opportunity to get out & about again.


Clarence River, Yamba : Nikon D70; f4.5; 1/1250; ISO 400