A 365 Day Project

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Day 363/365: Succulent

I shot this succulent in Mum’s garden. As you know, I love shooting anything textural and this has structure as well which is even better! I love the furry texture of these fronds. I think the colour pattern is accentuated by the black & white. Only two more to go, I’d better look for something special in the next two days!

Succulent: Nikon D7000; f9; 1/160; ISO 400


Day 356/365: Silky Lattice

Another rainy summer evening! I went for a walk out in the garden and found this web, and although the shot is far from technically great, I still like it.

Silky Lattice: Nikon D7000; f5.6; 1/50; ISO 400

Day 355/365: Derelict

This is another thing I have told myself all year I need to shoot. So finally, with ten days to spare, I stopped the car, got out and took some time to grab a few frames. I do wish I could have got closer for some detail shots of this derelict old cottage, but this was as close as I could get. I think it suits the black & white.

Derelict: Nikon D7000; f5.6; 1/640; ISO 100

Day 354/365: Tynes

A different view of another hay rake. That is all.

Tynes: Nikon D7000; f5; 1/500; ISO 100

Day 349/365: My Crocodile Hunter

The boys both had a great day at Jett’s birthday party on the weekend. I caught Ethan giving this cheeky look to Grandma, I’m pretty sure she was telling him to keep his hands close while Mr Crunch, the grumpy baby crocodile, was out of his box. I can only imagine what was going through that crazy 6 year old mind of his at that moment!

My Crocodile Hunter: Nikon D7000; f5.6; 1/250; ISO 100

Day 343/365: Air Supply

If you saw yesterdays post, you could have been wondering how we would breath down there…. or not!! Anyway, this is the top notch, modern air conditioning facility that is attached to the bunker. Nothing to be concerned about after all…

Air Supply: Nikon D7000; f4.8; 1/60; ISO 1000

Day 330/365: Puddle Reflection

The rain has finally stopped and our backyard is waterlogged! Ethan was in amongst the puddles & mud this afternoon, I love shooting reflections!

Puddle Reflection: Nikon D7000; f3.5; 1/200; ISO 100

Day 329/365: Behind Bars

Our little girl Juno was not happy to be on the other side of the gate this afternoon when I was out the front shooting. Her eyes say a thousand words…

Behind Bars: Nikon D7000; f3.5; 1/30; ISO 100

Day 327/365: Modern World Portrait

My boys are growing up in a totally different world to what I did, and I can only imagine what their grandparents must think! Technology is out of control, yet we don’t want to live without it and sometimes I think my 7 year old knows more than I do!! This is my modern day portrait of my boy, by the light of his iPod.

Modern Day Portrait: Nikon D7000; f2.5; 1s; ISO 400

Day 326/365: Botanical Geometry

Another tree fern image tonight. I love the geometry and patterns in a fern frond. I think the black & white really emphasises it.

Botanical Geometry: Nikon D7000; f4.5; 0.5s; ISO 400