A 365 Day Project

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Day 281/365: Texture

Another wonderful texture which I shot at Catherine Hill Bay. The lines of texture & colour in this sand cliff are just awesome.

Texture: Nikon D7000; f18; 1/200; ISO 400


Day 249/365: Dedication

Although the ocean looks beautiful and relaxing, and I have often thought that going out for surf would be the ultimate self indulgent relaxation, I still find the dedication of a surfer inspiring. On a cool, misty morning, you would not find me dipping my toes into the great blue ocean.

Dedication: Nikon D7000; f5.3; 1/500; ISO 100

Day 219/365: Jack on the Beach

Caught Jack having a quick rest on the beach while we were out for a walk. He is such a cute kid!

Jack on the Beach: Nikon D7000; f4.5; 1/800; ISO 100

Day 216/365: Perfect View

Walking back to camp with the sun shining I came across these two chairs, obviously placed for the perfect view when sitting there! I can just imagine sitting there with a nice cold drink on a summer afternoon watching the world go by….

Perfect View: Nikon D7000; f11; 1/125; ISO 200

Day 215/365: Morning Glow

As I said in the post of my first image from Patonga, the sunrise was a completely different experience here. We had the soft pink tones earlier in the morning, followed by the nice yellows on the mountains across the bay where the light was sneaking around, but all in all, the sun was hidden behind the mountain. So it wasn’t until much later that we saw the glow making its entrance.

Morning Glow: Nikon D7000; f11; 1/400; ISO 200

Day 213/365: Washed Up

This is rather an abstract post, but I like it nevertheless. I took this photo of particles washed up onto the beach just because I thought the lines were interesting. But when I was looking at it just now, I can see the profile view of a long-haired woman wearing a beanie-type hat. It got me to thinking what others may be able to “see” in the wash up! Leave a comment if you dare…

Washed Up: Nikon D7000; f10; 1/50; ISO 320

Day 212/365: Brisk Bay

We just spent a great weekend at Patonga – camping, relaxing & celebrating Ethan’s 6th birthday. This was the early morning view over Brisk Bay from the park in the camping ground. The coral trees that line the parks edge always make a great frame. It was cold but calming walking the beach with the camera. It was a different kind of light than my last sunrise because the sun rises behind the mountain, and the hanging fog made it feel very mysterious.

Brisk Bay: Nikon D7000; f6.3; 1/160; ISO 640

Day 182/365: Boat Beach

The day we went up to Seal Rocks was the absolute perfect winters day. There were actually people swimming in the next beach around (No.1 BeacH) – we think they must have been Pommy backpackers because let’s face it, our Winter can be just like their Summer! This is a panorama made up of 6 images. I think one day I might have to have a serious go at a pano. The two I’ve had on my project so far have just been fairly rushed handheld captures. I do love panoramas, please click for the large view!


Boat Beach, Seal Rocks: Nikon D7000; 6 handheld images; f11; ISO 100

Day 181/365: A Little Birdy Told Me

Another shot from my time on the beach at Seal Rocks last week. I just love reflections, would like to work on some planned ones at some stage…


Little Birdy: Nikon D7000; f9; 1/160; ISO 100

Day 180/365: Contemplation

I know that the harsh light of the midday sun is not the best time to be taking photographs, especially on the beach. But I really like the silhouette of Kyle here, just contemplating the world as he stares out to sea. This is at the gorgeous Seal Rocks from our day trip last week. Camping here is definitely in our near future!


Contemplation: Nikon D7000; f11; 1/500; ISO 100