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Day 151/365: Horses for Courses

Another image from the Dungog Film Festival. These horses were part of the street parade on Saturday. After the parade they did a display of riding in formation. It was great to watch, and amazing horsemanship. Here I am looking down the start of the line of horses.


Horses for Courses: Nikon D7000; f5.6; 1/125; ISO 200


Day 72/365: In the Kid’s Garden

My mum has a nice little garden out the front of her home, and it’s the kid’s garden. It has all sorts of gnomes, animal statues, windchimes and cool kids stuff in it. She loves that all her grandkids play around in there, exploring and touching, and yes, even occasionally breaking things (enter my Ethan!) – but it doesn’t matter. For in mum’s kid’s garden, they are allowed to touch everything! The next few days will be shots from this delightful little world she has created.


Mrs Snail: Nikon D70; f1.8; 1/6400; ISO 250

Day 5/365

Seals are such gracious creatures in the water, not so much on land. This seal was resting in the misty spray while her friend came to visit.

Seals in the Mist: Nikon D70; f5.6; 1/640; ISO 200

Nikon D70; f5.6; 1/1000; ISO 200

Day 4/365

This beauty was wandering free around the zoo. The intensity of the colours of these birds never cease to amaze me. I just wish he had fanned his tail out!

Peacock: Nikon D70; f5.6; 1/2000; ISO 640

Day 3/365

Taronga Zoo is full of interesting little animals, and the meerkats are one of my boys favourites. They could watch them scurrying around and popping their heads up for ages!

Meerkat: Nikon D70; f5.6; 1/1000; ISO 400

Nikon D70; f5.6; 1/500; ISO 200

Nikon D70; f5.3; 1/640; ISO 200

Day 2/365

The Asian Elephants at Taronga Zoo were happily eating chunks of wood and dusting themselves with grass and hay. The calves Luk Chai, Pathi Harn and Tukta were just divine to watch. Just another family….

I will need to pay more attention to my ISO in future. I had it up high in a low light area and forgot to change it back down. I’m not sure if the higher ISO would have contributed to noise in the shadows. It’s all a learning curve.

Asian Elephant: Nikon D70; F5.6; 1/640; ISO 640


Luk Chai & Pathi Harn: Nikon D70; F5.3; 1/2000; ISO 640

Day 1/365

I captured this giraffe grazing on grass & leaves at Taronga Zoo.

Giraffe : Nikon D70; F5.6; 1/2000; ISO 640Nikon D70; F5.3; 1/1250; ISO 640

Nikon D70; F5.3; 1/1250; ISO 640