A 365 Day Project

Day 44/365: Boy & his Bear

I have to interrupt my Paterson Walk shots, for this image of my son. Ethan has a very special relationship with this Polar Bear, lovingly called “Polly”. Polly is taken many places, misplaced many times, and found again in emotional searches! He has been to the shops, to preschool, to big school, to the beach – so many places. He is one of Ethan’s most treasured friends. So I grabbed this shot yesterday morning while Ethan slept peacefully, with Polly in his prize position – I could watch him sleep all night if only I could keep my eyes open 🙂 This is definitely a memory which I don’t want fading.

On a technical note, having finally started playing with my new lens, I am falling in love with my f1.8 50mm prime! Love love love it! Will proceed to work on 50 photos with my 50mm!

A Boy & his Bear: Nikon D70; f1.8; 1/2; ISO 250; Tripod


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