A 365 Day Project

Day 41/365 : Driver Door

I was inspired by a local photographer, Doug Hall, to go on a photo walk in my local town and really look for the details. He has done some fabulous work recently for Urban Insider. Anyway, I grabbed my camera and went for a walk around Paterson (a small village in the Hunter Valley for those who don’t know).

It was really the first time I had spent any time really looking at details around the town, and there are so many of them. My next few posts will be of this Paterson Photo walk.

My very first shot was of this old dilapidated train carriage, which is housed with quite a few others in a shed in Paterson. It is all fenced off with no access, so I could only shoot from afar. What I wouldn’t give to get in there for a little while! Anyway, this old door on the back of a carriage really stood out for me as a marker of an old train, apart from the paint peeling, and of course the colour – the old Red Rattler! It almost looks like a painting with the reflection of the bush in the windows.

Driver Door : Nikon D70; f1.8; 1/1250; ISO 250


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