A 365 Day Project

Day 34/365 : A Vacy Cloudscape

I wandered out the back to feed the animals yesterday afternoon, and I looked around and saw this amazing, dark, ominous sky moving in. I thought, great, I’ll grab my camera once I’ve fed the animals and shoot a few brackets! Well by the time I got out with my camera, which was only about 5 minutes later, all the clouds had moved so much! It was whizzing past us with no rain to ease the heat, but at least the humidity wouldn’t increase.

I used 3 exposures for this shot. I didn’t really have time to get the tripod out, so I braced myself on a fence post and took some handheld brackets. If anyone has any tips on HDR processing, I am all for constructive criticism, I am new to this, and I want to get to the point where I know what I’m doing! So this is the first of a couple I will post, a Vacy cloudscape from our own property.


Vacy Cloudscape : Nikon D70; f20; 3 exposures; handheld


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